Women Only 1 day trip to Ilaveezhapoonchira and Illikalkallu

Sep 01, 2024

Trip fees: ₹1400/-

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Ilaveezhapoonchira, Located in Melukavu village in Kottayam district, unexplored and unpolluted spot gifts us such a view in excess beauty!Lets trek through the lush green forests of Muniyara, Mankunnu, and the Kurishumala. Lets cheer atop and refresh ourselves in the lap of mother nature, lets wave to the withered clouds below us, lets wrap ourselves and experience the bamboo hut stays crowned at 3200 ft above sea level,and experience the night with campfire and music. Lets hike into the forest and give feet a rest to see the sun bid goodbye and lets hear the winds sing to us, later.
Detailed Itinerary
Day Itinerary
6.00 AM Pick up from Ernakulam
On the way visit Aruvikuthu waterfalls
Visit Illikkalkallu
Visit Ilaveezhapoonchira
Return back to Ernakulam
9.00 PM Drop at Ernakulam

Package Inclusions
  • Pick up and drop charges
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snacks
  • Coordinator Support
Package Exclusions
  • Any expenses of personal nature.
  • Any expense other than those stated in Inclusions.
  • Camera charges , if any entry ticket charges
  • Jeep Ride charges at Illikkalkallu


No Seats Available

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Cancellation Fee

A participant will be refunded his/her paid fees after deducting the following cancellation fees.

Cancellation Date Cancellation Fees
Before 20 days from Trip Date   ₹800
Before 15 days from Trip Date   ₹1000
Before 7 days from Trip Date   ₹1200
Within 7 days from Trip Date   ₹1400
  • Alternatively, a registered participant may transfer his/her registration to a friend without any cancellation fee.
  • In case of cancellation of the program due to any gov restrictions due to COVID/ Weather, an alternate date will be provided for the same trip and no refund for that.
  • In case you are not able to join the trek on the new dates, either you can send a replacement ( Without any additional cost) / You can opt for Wallet transfer,
    • What is Wallet Transfer ?:  The amount will move to LGFC Wallet and you can use that for any other trip.  ( 2% fee will be deducted as movement charges) . Strictly there won’t be any refund to a bank account.
    • Wallet transfer is applicable only for the case when a participant wont be able to join the new date on a postponed trip due to Pandemic / Weather situations
    • The wallet transfer offer will only be one time , when the new date is announced. Further changes will be counted as normal cancellations and will be as per cancellation policy.


  1. Budget-Friendly: You will get a perfect escape from the urban life and completely in an offbeat location with all safety followed, with a small team size.
  2. Incomparable Itinerary: You can compare the Itinerary with any other itinerary available on social media/ Google. Our itinerary is special with all COVID safety ensured.
  3. Food prepared in safe conditions: We believe that for a traveler, food is one of the most important things during their journey. We provide the best nutritious food as mentioned in the itinerary.
  4. Not just sightseeing, many more things to learn and experience: We are not just providing sightseeing. Our Camp navigator/local guide will share the details of the place, flora, fauna history, stories with you.
  5. Well Experienced Local Guide and Support Staffs
  6. Plan beyond the Itinerary: In case if you want to extend the trip, we are there to help you by finding Stays contact and transportation, Talk to the coordinator of LetsGoForACamp 




  1. Eco-friendly products.
  2. Minimizing plastic waste.
  3. Hiring local guides.
  4. Contributing to the local economy.
  5. Proper disposal of waste generated.
  6. Concept of Responsible traveler.


Following are the list of things that are recommended to be carried for this trip

  • Dresses –
    • Carry comfortable dresses
    • For outdoors its is better to avoid jeans as it might get too heavy if wet
  • Sandals with good grip
    • Please avoid high heeled sandals , as they have a risk of falling when doing hiking
  • Cap or Hat for Protection from Sun. You may carry sunscreen cream or lotion also.
  • Plastic bag for carrying back any wet clothes
  • Raincoats / Ponchos
    • This would ensure that you wont lose the fun , even if it rains
  • Water bottles
    • We recommend using reusable waterbottle.
  • A small bag to carry raincoat , waterbottle , snacks , etc.
  • Medicines
    • Carry all your daily use medicines
    • Carry medicines for any ailments or allergies you have faced
  • Energizers and Snacks
    • Energizers such as chocolate , peanut bars , dry fruits will give quick energy especially when walking
    • Snacks – light and non oily snacks would be good
    • ORS- Packets, This will help you to avoid dehydration. Suggested brand is Electral. You will get this in your nearest Medical shop.
  • Other personal items
    • Carry sufficient hard cash
    • Don’t carry expensive jewelries , etc
  • [Optional] Jackets/ Sweatshirts / Scarf
    • Carry these if you are prone to cold
  • Photo ID Proof



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