10 Things That Will Make Your Trek Super Comfortable

December 27, 2020

Wondering if you’re missing out on anything while planning for trekking? Scared you’ll forget something and land in a soup? Here is a ready-made list of 10 things that you can refer to while getting ready for a trek. 

Here are the 10 essentials things for Trekking to make your trekking super comfortable!

1. Backpacks: Go for a 20-30l backpack if you’re trekking for a day, 50-60l backpack if you’re going for a trek for a few days, and a 75-90l backpack for relatively longer treks. Each of these varieties will help you pack the right amount of things you’ll need for your trek.

2. Carry a water bottle and plenty of snacks in the form of energy bars to ensure you are well hydrated and charged for the trek.

3. Wear the right shoes that are also waterproof. They should be comfortable to begin with. They should also be made of breathable fabric so that your feet don’t sweat. Carry pairs of socks depending on the number of days you’ll be trekking.

4. Carry good accessories: sunglasses, sunscreen, tissues, toilet paper, swiss knife, and a headgear like cap or a headband.

5. Carry a sleeping bag if you’re going for more than a day. There are many qualities of sleeping bags available. Choose one on the basis of the temperature of the place you’re headed to.

6. Wear or carry a waterproof jacket as well. You’ll need it at night.

7. You ought to have a mosquito repellent cream too for the night.

8. For hard core treks, you must carry trekking poles to balance yourself while climbing up and down.

9. Do not forget to carry your camera and a torchlight. Cell phones tend to have both but you are very likely to run out of battery. You would want to conserve it as much as possible.

10. Chargers for your devices, especially phones, should be like your second skin. You know, of course, that you can’t do without them. 

There you go! These 10 points constitute your readymade list of items to carry for all your treks. We know because we’ve stuck to this list for over 6 years and we’ve made trips for us and our clients safe and fun.

So what appears on top of your trekking list?

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