6 Offbeat Holiday Spots in Exotic Kerala for the Nature Lover in You

December 27, 2020

Kerala is a special place for nature lovers. If you go beyond typical touristy spots, you’ll find Kerala to be beautiful everywhere. 

Step beyond the regular hill stations that everyone has heard off to find great peace and have all the natural space to yourself.

These 6 offbeat locations in Kerala will help you plan a unique holiday that will nurture the nature lover in you.

1. Nilambur: Nilambur calls you with its waterfalls and forests and plantations of teak, mahogany, rosewood and bamboo. Teak is the specialty here. You must visit Conolly Plot, one of the oldest teak plantations in the world. The path to the plot a beautiful hanging bridge – the longest in Kerala. Also visit world’s first teak museum nearby.

2. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary: for the animal and bird lover in you, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is a gold mine for it is home to several exotic species. You can also trek here on selected areas as you spot exotic creatures.

3. Paithalmala: This is a hill station near Kannur with rich wildlife you never imagined existed around you! Enjoy trekking among waterfalls and a breathtaking view of the neighbouring state of Karnataka. 

4. Vattavada: Here is a picnic spot amidst great farms that grow all kinds of fruits including apple, orange, strawberry, blackberry, plums and more. 

5. Josegiri: Josegiri is famous as a trekkers’ heaven surrounded by a mountain range. Camp around green, misty, breezy mountains and rivulets.

6. National Parks: Pambadum Shola (“the forest where the snake dances”) National Park is the smallest national park in Kerala. Mathikettan Shola Natioanl Park is another one with great wildlife including mammals and reptiles and beautiful plant life from orchids to ferns and more.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is also rich with the presence of diverse species and physical features including dry deciduous forests, mountains and grasslands all in one!

So which is the loveliest natural setting you’ve been to for love, peace, and memories lately?

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