A beautiful village to experience barefoot- Vellagavi, Kodaikanal!

December 7, 2022

Indian culture, traditions and believes remains unparalleled to which the entire world looks up to.  One can experience all these myriad tastes when travelled from one end to another. Some of them might be jaw dropping, some awkward and some still unbelievable. Indians still supersede the traditions that were followed decades before.

One such group of people and their village exists in Tamil Nadu. It’s about the village called Vellagavi nestled near the busiest and the famous hill station, Kodaikanal!

Those who are crazy about trekking, this would show up to be a great choice. Trekkers has to start walking for about 9 km from Kodaikanal to reach this village. This narrow snowy path covers the dolphin point too. Once you reach the entrance of the village you have to leave the footwear outside. You can procced the trek on barefoot. This is a tradition stalked right from the beginning.  You cannot see even a single habitant walking with footwear inside the village.

Where is Vellagavi?

Vellagavi is nestled in a forest of Tamilnadu. Even though situated near the famous tourist hill station, Vellagavi is not a popular tourist spot. Around 100 families lives here. As there are no roads built anywhere in this village, travelers have to pass through the narrow paths covering houses and a lot of temples.

Footwear Out!

One thing to make sure while entering this 300 year old village is to leave your footwear outside! Walking with barefoot throughout the village is another attraction of this place and trek. You can see the board at the entrance warning the same.

Homage to God

Inhabitants believes that this village is divine and therefore none of them wears a boot. The fact is, exclusive of the comfortability, they live for the good deeds and zest for god! They says that the believers and the god lives in a same place. Like one doesn’t wear footwear inside the temple, nobody can wear them in the village too. But nobody knows when this tradition sprouted.

25 temples

The first sight of Vellagavi village is itself a temple. Houses and temples are built in rows, which is also another specialty of this village. There is a temple at the end of this village where the grand event takes place. 


Vellagavi is a village untouched. Centuries before the people formed this village and still the village remains the same. There are no roads, big hospitals, big schools or buildings… There is a tiny tea and provision shop. One has to walk to Kodaikanal for further needs. Despite of all these, the villagers seems contented and happy!

Ancient to Kodaikanal!

Before inhabitants perched into Kodaikanal, people have been living in Vellagavi. The thatched houses in the villagers were built by the government. They are all covered with sheets. Farming and rearing goats are the main occupations the villagers are indulged in. There is an LP school where the primary education is provided. Students has to move out of the village for further studies. Presently there are so many of them out of the village engaged in work and further studies. 

So, that’s Vellagavi! Want to start this New Year from this beautiful and special village? With the villagers, with so many stories to share, with so much fun?

This travel will be starting from Palakkad railway station. Those who show up from Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore can directly com to Kodaikanal to join us for this New Year Experience. Remember, there are only limited seats!

Second thoughts apart, come on and join us to the most beautiful village, Vellagavi!

Upcoming Trips at Vellagavi


Mixed Trip
πŸ“† December 31,2022- Jan 01, 2023
(Saturday and Sunday)

Lets Celebrate the new year from the most beautiful offbeat village of Kodaikanal, VELLAGAVI

Exploring a Hidden Village near Kodaikanal

🚸 Fee: 4000/- Pickup from Palakkad Railway Station, Time : 5.00 AM
🚸 Fee: 3100/- Direct reach at Vattakanal ( Participants from Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore can opt this option )
Trekking difficulty: Difficult
Trekking Km : 9KM ( one side )

🚸 Click here to Register :

Limited seats Only


βœ… Pick up & Drop – Palakkad railway station ( Pick up at 5.00 AM)

βœ… Balisheri Idily ( Special Idily from Palakkad )
βœ… Trek to Vellagavi On the way visit Dolphin Nose
βœ… Explore the Village of Vellagavi
βœ… Stargazing/ Astrophotography ( Based on Weather )
βœ… Welcome Newyear 2023
βœ… Village and Farm Visit

🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁
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Avoid this trek if you are

βœ…οΈNot physically fit
βœ…οΈHave breathing and Astma problem
βœ…οΈHave Suger and Pressure variations / Heart problems.

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