Gear up for your summer trek with these TEN tips!

April 1, 2021

Its summer and we need a hike! It is a grace truth that each day the nature looks different. Summer, winter, monsoon, day or night. Amongst, summer treks reels on a very different experience. A complete outdoor hike could be tiring, could pull back you to the first gear on your pace, bright hues of sun could make your hues change, your throat could weep at times, and a lot more grave issues occurs but, can we ignore the summer hikes for these reasons that can be dealt with adequate preparations? Definitely No!  Like all the hikes, summer hikes can also be enjoyable.

Here are ten things to be considered while doing a summer hike!

  1. Time Matters: In scorching days of summer, when you plan a trek, you can choose places that have shades of trees or waterways in your trails and routes rather than choosing treeless meadows. It will be better to start early in the morning or late afternoon (avoid trails around midafternoon around 2 to 3 PM) Get knowledge about the terrains and routes. Plan accordingly so that you can perfectly pause your rest times preferably near water or shades… 

2. Dress up Wise: Many of us have a delusion that removing our clothes under sun could help us from the heat. No! Removing your clothes and keeping the skin direct under the heat could get the situation worse. The chances of sunburns are more then. Wear light coloured (not bright) clothes, with half or full sleeves because they reflect sunlight. There are so many fashion with UV protection materials that block UV rays, (UPF 15, UPF 30, and UPF 50+)

Do avoid thick fabric like Jean that are catastrophic during hiking. Choose the best fabric that are breathable, light weight, quick dry and easy to clean.

Hats off if you are ready with a comfortable Hat to your list while hiking! Hats are so important that half of your energy stays safe with you! A round and wide brimmed hat could be the best!

3. Know your Body: Do you know that a person can develop the skill to walk under the heat? There occurs a transition in the body when we start hiking suddenly and sometimes this fast transition can be suffering! It can take 10 days to two weeks to acclimatize to the hot weather, for this, practice walking under the sun so that you may find easy into hiking.

Know your fitness and your capability. Pamper your body with a sunscreen lotion always (SPF 30 or higher). If your body needs rest, give it away, stay slow, its okay! Do not feed your body with packed or junk foods unnecessarily that can also spoil your trek!

4. Get a Wet: That’s sometimes a magical way to whip the heat. During your hike, you may find some pouring in your way. Do not wait for a wet! Keep yourself fresh! Wet your clothes, wash your face and head. Splash whenever possible!

5. Less clothes, more water: Do you know the fact that we need to keep us hydrated far before the trek days? Yes! Do not think that water is so important only when said “ready steady. Go!”

“Where is your water bottle?”

“It’s with my friend!”

This is not the right conversation, especially during the summer treks. Always carry proper water bottles in your backpacks. Two or three per head could be the right proportion during summer treks (differs according to the body conditions)

A pip of orange might be divine during a trek! Carry water content fruits with you always, or carrying drinks of electrolytes is also fruitful! Drinking plenty of water at a time make you immediately get sweaty!  A few gulps during every twenty minutes can help a lot! Intake salty foods too.

6. Get a hand along: Solo treks are great but solo treks during summer sometimes could be bit grave unless and until the person is such a crazy hiker! It is best to have fun with a companion or groups during summer treks so that you can share the fun as well as the sun together J

7. Shield your feet proper: Proper shoes and socks are also an important thing during summer treks. Shoes and socks with good ventilation will keep your feet dry. Make sure your socks are made of great fabric (avoid cotton and choose wool or synthetic instead). Keep your shoes comfortable, not too tight or loose. Try avoiding waterproof shoes during summer treks that can block the moister inside.

8. Rest is the best: It’s okay if you become the tortoise than a rabbit on your trail! Give time for your body to recover from the tough trails under the sun. While you find the time to rest, re apply the sunscreens, drink water and just breathe ease. When you regain your pace steady, start walking. There is no hurry, just enjoy your trails. Always remember that hikes are not race! Enjoy the flora and fauna, listen the nature while you rest

9. Keep fit: Though fitness is the main thing to possess for any trekker at any weather conditions, summer trek demands a little more. Look up to your fitness before your trek starts. Choose hikes that complement your fitness.

10. Summer Hiking health Concerns: Keep knowledge about the summer hiking health concerns like Sunburn, dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat strokes… Gain knowledge and keep the remedies in handy!

Keep the tips in hand and have a good summer trek!

Read “The Summer Hiking Health Concern” in detail
Blog By Sudhina V K

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Adventure HQ
3 years ago

Great tips for Backpackers during summer

Prasad Aadish
Reply to  Adventure HQ
2 years ago

Thank you!

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