How Do You Know If You’re Travelling Responsibly?

December 27, 2020

There are people who go on holidays. 

And then there are people who travel with an intent of exploring the world and different cultures and make a positive contribution to the society.

If you belong to the latter category, you’d want to know more about responsible tourism and how to be a responsible tourist yourself. 

Broadly speaking, Here are 7 Responsible Tourism Facts

  1. You believe in minimising negative impact of tourism on the local environment. You do not throw plastics around or indulge in any behaviour that harms the environment in anyway.
  2. You believe in making a positive impact on the economic fabric of the society that you are visiting.
  3. You seek accommodation in locally run hotels and even homes instead of living in hotels run by national or international corporations.
  4. You do not encourage desecration of monuments and heritage buildings.
  5. You respect local cultures and do nothing to offend their sensibilities. 
  6. You come back with a richer understanding of local cultures and customs.
  7. You also carry good memories and spread awareness about a place and its people around to enrich everybody else’s understanding too. After all, your travel should not stop with you. It must make a positive impact by helping other people learn about the place.

How do you travel when you on a holiday? Do you make any friends you continue to stay in touch with?

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