Srishti- A Women’s travel community!

March 8, 2024

Eight years ago, LetsGoForACamp’s intention was clear when we started a separate wing for women’s travel, called Srishti. Today, Srishti has an impact with almost 20,000 women travelers!  

 On this Women’s Day, there is no other proud moment than to prove how this women’s travel community has broken the barrier and has become the best travel partner for women these days. The posterior end of almost 400 women-only travel has made us realize that the perspective of women on traveling and their desire to look out to the world has changed drastically, especially in the last eight years. The fastness and eagerness in applying for the upcoming travels and the grade of interest popping to heights remain solid proof on this note.

 If any woman really wishes to bring back her travel desire, we, Srishti, have something to say repeatedly “Start with you”.

How do we maintain the best women’s travel community?

 Despite the fact that we are bombarded with so many barriers, through Srishti women started traveling. Earlier for weekend camps and gradually for a full trip that takes 8 to 10 days.

  1. Firstly, we choose a closely-knit group, of less than 20 people. Women travel together to new places and find new perspectives through different people from different backgrounds.
  2. Most of the women realized that they could pull strings of both work and travel together. Giving comfortable dates and announcing travel in advance is helping out a lot to organize the travel and make necessary arrangements in the workplace and family too.
  3. A detailed itinerary and information regarding the travel prior squeezes out half of the problem for a beginner. This makes their mind clear about how and where they are going to travel.
  4. Financial constraints are one of the main problems of women travelers. Introducing installment payments has reduced the constraints to a great extent. 
  5. As our priority is their satisfaction, we make sure that the women groups get a good facility, great moral support, care, and importantly the exotic experiences they might have missed all these days.
  6. And lastly, rather than make women travel, we add up social values that can be imbibed drastically by women, such as  Green the Red- a campaign for the use of menstrual cups.  “Green Kodachadri Clean Kodachadri”.  We invited them to Restoration of Grassland projects as a part of Travel “Pambadumshola Grassland Restoration”.

Drastic behavioral change in the concept of women’s travel!

The only possible solution to bring out a behavioral change in the concept of traveling is to keep traveling and spread the possibilities. And, it turned out to be a success. In last eight years we have found that-

·       Women started working on travel planners.

·       Women started enquiring on different places in and out of India

·       Women started saving money for travel

·       Women spread the word and a lot of other kith and kins started joining the travel

·       Women made up their minds to experience some of the toughest trails in India

·       Women started replacing plastic waste pads with menstrual cups or other degradable stuff

·       Women started working with us in this great mission of “Women travel community”

 Srishti- Seeing the future in Women’s best travel partner

There is a far way forward. We believe that we can spread this model to other parts of the world too. We look forward to working very closely with the Responsible Tourism mission and creating a connection to local women entrepreneurs at the grassroots level as a part of the Women Travel Network.

 If eight years of our journey could make this drastic change, we can clearly anticipate the future of women in travel. Each trip is an achievement, not to the world but to the “Self”!

Glad that this Women’s travel network has spread a lot and keeps refining womanhood!

A note!

 Hey women! Desiring to look out to the world? Just make sure you “begin” traveling and the rest happens!

Srishti- the best travel partner, can make it happen!

A happy women’s day!

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