The most beautiful monsoon rafting in Kerala

July 19, 2022

Do you know which is the most beautiful destination for monsoon rafting in Kerala?

The answer is Thejaswini river which flows through Pulingome village in Kannur district. It is not as tough as rafting in Rishikesh, but the 10km long journey over a gushing river bordered by lush green forest, moving up and down to the rhythm of the rapids, and getting wet in rain is simply spectacular and is bound to give you immense confidence!

There are a lot of Kayaking parks in Kerala, but there is nothing quite like this. Rafting experts from Rishikesh will be our guides here. They were the ones who gave me the first lessons in rafting.

Even the people living in Kannur are unaware of this amazing activity! Many locals can be seen standing on bridges entertained by the adrenaline junkies singing and screaming at the top of their voices rafting in the colorful yellow, blue and red rafts.

Rafting in the Tejaswini river is possible only when the monsoon is strong and the water level is high. That is the exact reason why this is the perfect time for rafting here! The rafting is 3 to 4 hours long.

Now here are the answers to some of the common doubts.

  1. How to get there?
    Ans. Payyanur is the nearest railway station. It’ll take about 1.15 hours to reach Pulingome. Buses are also available in a frequency of 15-20 minutes.
  2. Can someone who doesn’t know swimming go rafting?
    Ans. Of course, you can! You don’t need to know swimming for rafting.
  3. How is safety ensured?
    Ans. Everyone is given and should wear safety jackets and helmets for rafting.
  4. Are facilities for changing dress and washrooms available?
    Ans. Yes
  5. Will children be permitted to raft?
    Ans. Children above the age of 11 will be permitted to join.
  6. Are there any other places nearby that we can visit once we reach there?
    Ans. You can visit Aruvikuthu waterfalls enroute from Payannur, hanging bridge at Cherupuzha, go to Jose giri from Cherupuzha and visit Pukayoonni farmhouse there. Rooms and dormitories are available. You can also go to Kottathalachi, Thirunetikallu and Aalakettivaana for trekking.
  7. How many people should be there for rafting?
    Ans. Minimum 5 people.
  8. Is it open only on Saturdays and Sundays?
    Ans. You can choose to come on whichever day you prefer.
  9. When should we reach there?
    Ans. There are three slots – 07:00 am, 11:00am and 03:00pm.
  10. How many people can take part in one slot?
    Ans. Maximum 21 people.
  11. Are there restaurants nearby?
    Ans. There is a restaurant nearby. If informed earlier, we’ll arrange a super yummy biriyani that I’ll cost around Rs. 150-180.
  12. Can you arrange a pick up and drop from Payyanur?
    Ans. Yes of course!
  13. How can we book?
    Ans. It’ll be better to book prior. You can book by calling this number 7829230956.
  14. What is the cost per person?
    Ans. Rafting alone will cost Rs.1250 per head. Lunch, Tea and Snacks rates are extra.
  15. How will we get the photos and videos of rafting?
    Ans. The guide will have a GoPro fixed on to his helmet. The charge will be per raft and everyone on a raft can split the amount among themselves.
  16. Rafting in Rishikesh costs only Rs. 800. Isn’t the cost a bit high here?
    Ans. Rafting experts from Rishikesh will be guiding you here. Rafting can be done only in the two months when the monsoon is very strong. Safety won’t be compromised and you’ll get a fabulous experience, which is why 1250 is not actually a big price.

Now, why wait folks? Head straight to Kannur with your friends and have a blast!!

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Dr shyama
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