Women travelling around the World

April 7, 2021

Quiet fascinating and challenging too, isn’t it?

Travel has perched in the soul of women for a long time when it started proving that travel can make women more confident, creative, explorer, compassionate, problem solver, self-lover, braver, more flexible and most importantly, happier!

 In a country like India, women brain is enforced to expect the worst-case scenarios that aren’t likely to happen all the time. The main question exists is “How you travel”? And not “where you travel”? The safe travel strategies comes under the question “How you travel”. Most of the typical doubts can be resolved from this question. Risk is everywhere but mitigating them gives any women more confidence and urge to travel and explore more. 

Here are some tips while you start travelling alone or in groups! Remember, once you taste how delicious travel is, you never stop sipping it!

1.Believe your Instinct- Women are said to have a great intuition power. We can easily comprehend situation with uneasy vibes or any grave issues likely to happen. Believe your instinct that everything falls into a fine track. Stay high on your guts, stay confident! Chant the mantra to yourself “World isn’t that scary all the time!”

2. Smart choice of transportation- The best way to improve your sense of direction! Know your roads you are travelling especially when you travel alone in a cab or in a rented car. Using GPS or maps can help you out. In case you are worried traveling alone, sharing your cab details with family and friends might gain you confidence. Avoid all kind of jewelry while travelling. If your internal alarms are going off, listen to them. If you suspect any uncomfortable situation, do not put yourself into arguments, getting off the cab at a safe place is better.

Maximum usage of public transportation can be a great choice. Try not to slip into dreams while travelling alone!

3. Don’t Run out of Cash- No cash in hand could be the worst encounter during travel. Always keep cash in hand, segregate them and keep at various places. You may not find a working ATM, or other money transferring apps at remote places. You know, money can solve some problems just like that!

4. Self-defense is the first defense! – Some women have faced nightmare issues during travel some women’s path might be thorn less. Carrying small little equipment’s like pepper spray which can be put in your pockets, a whistle, a torch, a safety-pin helps to avoid dull situations. Make sure that you make use of it properly when time comes. You then become a fighter!

5. Pack Light- Though it suits to all travelers, women tend to pack all their stuff which ends up in a parachute size backpack. It is a misconception that we make use of each and everything we carry during our travel. Take only necessary things and limit your bag. Avoid jewelry and valuables. Never trust anyone so fast during travel. When you are off to rest rooms, leave your bags either in cloak rooms if available or take it with you.

6. Locals are strength! – Talk to locals, buy from locals and ask to locals. Gather opinions but fix to your own one! You instantly become more decisive! Reading and gathering information’s from websites are great but getting it directly from the locals can grant you with different choices. Try asking the locals, reliably, women about the locations, stays and information’s you really want to know about.

Local friend? Great! Try connecting your local friend before the travel.

7. Do not over share – Keep your accommodation details with yourself. It’s great to share your travel plans in social media and meet them up later but make sure you do not over share your details that can pave way for any kind of unfortunate issues.

8. No is always a No- Do not have a second thought to say NO if necessary. Remember there is no need to please people all the time.  A firm NO can ignore many issues likely to happen. This might be a chance to face your weaknesses and make you brave. It supercharge your confidence.

9. Documents, cash, cards– These are important things to carry. Drop in the soft copies of your id cards in your drives and carry one or two copies handy always.

10. Choose a Smart stay: Staying is another crucial point during our travel. When you travel alone, book stays earlier. If you are off to remote locations, prefer home stays. Do not overthink to spend a little more for a safe stay.

Come on incredible women! Why should boys have all the fun?

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Prathibha Gopan
Prathibha Gopan
2 years ago

A very useful & helpful information, thanks dear

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